Mititei și cârnați tradiționali românești – mai aproape de tine

About us

History of Promez

The name of Promez brand has a double meaning: ‘Pro’  means a promise to consumers in terms of quality, and ‘mez’ means meat products (sausages and small minced meat rolls). This is how PROMEZ has become a name full of essence, and namely, through quality products inspired by traditional recipes combined with modern technologies.

From the very beginning, Promez has surprised by the quality of products, continuous implementation of state-of-the-art technologies and also gradual expansion of production capacity according to the market requirements.

The first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the phrase ‘As Romanians like’ is the taste of authentic delicacies from grandma’s kitchen.

Well, times have changed, and the roads of many of us have brought us far from home. That’s why we have decided to bring some of the Romanian tastes closer to you in the range of traditional meat products.

Thus, the homesickness will always be there, but we are glad that we can pass on at least the taste of traditional Romanian dishes.


Stay close! The history is just beginning and it’s delicious!

Our factory

PROMEZ has a modern meat factory. We use original recipes inherited from our predecessors, at a factory with state-of-the-art equipment, and we sell our products in several European countries.

Our business philosophy has led us to building production spaces at the highest European standards. We work intelligently, to put always fresh products with a perfect taste on the tables of Romanians.

The quality of carefully selected ingredients and adherence to original recipes give our preparations a strong personality and a perfect taste. Connoisseurs of fine tastes will appreciate both the unique taste of small minced meat rolls and sausages and their unique flavour.

Vision. Mission. Values


  • Quality without compromise.
  • Slow, but sustainable development.
  • Perpetuation of the taste for quality from one generation to another.

Our vision is to be the best among producers of small minced meat rolls and sausages operating in the Romanian market. The quality parameters are maintained due to continuous innovation and investment and through the care, with which we choose our raw material suppliers. We believe that our responsibility is to offer best quality products, combining tradition with the new, respecting both domestic and European legislation, consumer needs, and the environment.


Promez mission is to perfect excellence in production of a range of meat delicacies; all our products are prepared according to traditional recipes inherited from the history of Romanian gastronomy.


QUALITY – The fundamental value of PROMEZ is and will remain quality. PROMEZ brand has been strengthened through exceptional products based on authentic recipes, the use of high quality meat and removal of food additives.

TRADITION – We constantly try to bring back Romanian recipes to our portfolio. We respect Romania’s history and values ​​and make efforts so that they are not forgotten.

What make Promez special?

Quality – for meat and meat products.

Small minced meat rolls are one of the reasons for our business success. Since the very beginning we have been making them according to the same recipe. The ingredients are not secret, but only we know the proportions and the preparation technique.

To offer current and potential customers competitive products, PROMEZ stays in touch with suppliers of raw materials and auxiliary materials that are well-known names in the market. Thus meeting all the conditions required for the production and distribution of meat products at the highest standards, we target consumers in Romania, as well as those in the EU member states, mainly where the Romanian population makes up the majority.

Enjoy the home taste!