Promez – mici formați și cârnați românești în Germania

History of small minced meat rolls and sausages

The Romanian small minced meat rolls, as they are, have caused a lot of passion, an epidemic of words and showers of ink, as if you were in the middle of the history of the plagues of Egypt, rather than in front of a simple grill on which the meat sizzles. Being gourmet by nature, the Romanian cannot imagine going through life without his/her portion of grilled small minced meat rolls with mustard and beer.

We should be proud to have inherited these ancient recipes, because all Promez products ultimately reflect the spirit of the Romanian people and their creativity.

We pay tribute to the dedicated work of our ancestors, preserving in each of our products a piece of the past. Our most precious heritage is the authentic recipes of small minced meat rolls and sausages, which are still today the basis of our traditional dishes.

Description of ingredients

Promez small minced meat rolls stand out due to the juicy texture of the meat. For the small minced meat rolls to have a fluffy consistency, a special method of preparing the meat paste is followed. It shall be well chopped and mixed, and the meat shall also contain fat.

The spices used are natural, individually chosen, and no mixtures of flavours or dyes are used. This means that the flavour is ensured by fresh, natural garlic. The salt is natural, not chemically treated and free from added iodine.

We have visited the farms where we bring the meat and have chosen them being aware of the conditions of animal raising conditions.