Thin grill sausages – Promez


pork 65%, bacon, water, salt, natural spices: thyme, paprika, garlic, pepper, antioxidant: ascorbic acid, natural edible membrane.

Made of raw meat. To be consumed after heat treatment. The most suitable meat for sausages is fat meat (ham, belly, neck, etc.). The proportion of meat fat is 50%-50% or 60%-40% (60% meat).

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Conditions for storage:

Humidity: 75-80%
Frozen: -18°C
Fresh: 0-4°C
Net weight: 900g.

Average value for 100g:

Energy value 1185kl/287 kcal,
Fats: 25g,
Carbohydrates: 3.28g,
Proteins: 12.38g,
Salt: 1.68g.

Consumption recommendation:

To enjoy the freshness of our product, we recommend consuming it within at most 24 hours from the moment of unpacking.

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